Sunday, May 20, 2012


Ok, so my ex threw a sex toy party and decided to invite the most volatile mix of women I can imagine. Her friend told everyone at the party how her husband had planned on having sex with my ex until he starting going out with her instead. My ex had still been with me at the time. She told this to an entire party of people including his mom and his sister. Whats also crazy is that his sister was there with her new girlfriend who happens to be the last woman he had sex with before he got married to his current wife. At least now people know why I dont talk to him anymore. Oh and then apparently my ex decided to poke his mom in the face with a dildo to wrap things up. I mean why not. No im not joking. This really happened. This is the insanity that has become my life on a day to day basis. Enjoy the chaos folks


  1. Seems like one big clusterfuck of a night, lol.

  2. Sex toy party? That had to be awkward. That's one thing that always sucks about having a girlfriend/being married, you know there's always at least one guy out there who's trying to have sex with her.

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