Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kids Bday Parties

I dread getting invites to kids bday parties. I do my best to avoid them like the plague, but every now and then someone asks you enough times you cant get out of it. Spent 3 hours today at such an event. Glad I wore my hat. Not so much because it was sunny out, but to prevent me from ripping my hair out. Of course, there is always that one creepy dude there that looks like he might own a white van that says free candy that is way too happy to watch everyones kids.

Kids Bday parties = Needs more liquor


  1. Only good thing about a kid's bday party is Chuck E. Cheese pizza and MILFs.

  2. put some liquor in the kids juice, that will be fun... but probably illegal though

  3. Nah, I just go there for the food lol.

    Who can resist free food? A need to say a few pleasantries here and there sure but hey, FREE FOOD!